SAGA Approved Ball Valves

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SAGA Approved Ball Valves

On October 5, 2017, Posted by , In Latest News, With No Comments

We are pleased to announce that, we have just received our permits with The South Africa Gas Association (SAGA) for our Ball Valves.

This permit is issued by the Southern African Gas Association (SAGA) in respect of the Equipment detailed and described above and serves as proof that the equipment has been tested by an accredited testing authority and certified to meet the requirements of the PER and the following Standard(s) as confirmed by the equipment supplier and verified by SAGA as complying with the requirements of ASME B 16.34, Valves-flanged, Threaded and welding end.

Product Description: Steel Ball Valve/Casting Ball Valve
Class: 150, 300
Size: DN32-DN1000
Gas Type: Natural Gas/LP Gas

To Verify our Approval click the below link and search for LVSA Group,


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