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LVSA Group (Pty) Ltd supplies, safety products that protect equipment, lives & the environment. We offers,

Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves
1200A, 1201B, 1202B, 1203A Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves 3-12
Series 1800A Full Lift Type Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves 13-24
1220A, 1221B, 1222B, 1223B Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves with Pipe-Away Feature 25-34
1720A, 1760A Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves with Pipe-Away Feature 35-38
12-TH Thief Hatch 39-42
Pressure or Vacuum Relief Valves
1260A, 1261A Pressure Relief Valves 43-48
2300A, 2301A Pressure Relief Valves 49-54
1300A, 1301A Vacuum Relief Valves, Top Mount 55-60
1360A, 1361A Vacuum Relief Valves, Side Mount 61-66
5000, 5100 Pressure/Vacuum Free Vents, Top Mount 67-76
6000, 6100 Gauge Hatches 77-78
2000A, 2050A Emergency Relief Valves, Weight Loaded 79-82
2100 Emergency Relief Valves, Spring Loaded 83-86
2400A, 2450A Emergency Relief Valves, Weight Loaded; Hinged 87-90


• Sizes // 2" through 12"
• Pressure settings // 0.5 oz/in2 to 15 psig
• Vacuum settings // 0.5 oz/in2 to 12 psig
• Available in aluminum,
carbon steel, stainless steel, fiberglass
and other materials
• Modular construction

Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve:
Model 1200A is designed to protect your tank from damage created by overpressure or excessive vacuum. Costly product evaporation losses due to normal tank “breathing” are greatly reduced. Because the Model 1200A retains toxic vapors, atmospheric contamination is minimized. This helps to provide increased fire protection and safety.

Special Features:

Model 1200A offers Groth’s special “cushioned air” seating. Superior performing fluoropolymer seating diaphragms are standard to minimize sticking caused by resinous vapors and atmospheric moisture. The Model 1200A has a self draining housing body and drip rings to protect seating surfaces from condensate and freezing. This design also avoids dangerous pressure or vacuum
buildup due to binding or clogging of the valve. Buna-N, FKM and other seating diaphragms can be provided when required. To insure the proper alignment of seating surfaces, there is peripheral guiding and a center stabilizing system.