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We are the distributor of CVS control valves with various sizes and types. The CVS Series D is a single port, screwed-in metal seated globe style valve, with an unbalanced post –guided plug, and “push down to close” plug action for use in high pressure applications.
The Series D valve is especially useful for throttling or on/off control of liquids or gases. The flow characteristic is equal percent, and flow direction of the Series D is up through the seat ring and past the valve plug, while the Series DA flows in either direction.
The CVS Series D Valve body is available in LCC, WCB, WCC, WC9, C5, Monel, and CF8M SST materials. Other materials available upon request.
End connections are ASME Class 150 through 2500, and available with cast integral flanges, welded flanges, screwed or socket weld connections for the Series D. While the series DA end connections are available with welded flanges, screwed, or socket welded connections.

Our other Products range available in sizes 1 through 24 inch,

  • Series E, 1thru 8 inch
  • Series H900/1500/2500
  • Series EH,EW,EU
  • Series HPX,2 thru 6 inch
  • Series D and DA 1 and 2 inch
  • Series 128 PQC
  • Series V-100
  • Series DBQ and DBAQ

and etc..

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